The value of an arts and music education for children

Students in two Rhode Island elementary schools who were given an enriched, sequential, skill-building music education program showed marked improvement in reading and math skills. Students in the enriched program who had started out behind the control group caught up to statistical equality in reading, and pulled ahead in math. — Gardiner, Fox, Jeffrey and Knowles, as reported in Nature, May 23, 1996

Music-making is part of what makes us human. Frank Wilson, assistant clinical professor of neurology at the University of California School of Medicine, says that learning to play an instrument connects, develops, and refines the entire neurological and motor brain systems.

The value of music education
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Experiments with make-shift music instruments

This is a series of music experiments about sound and its application to musical instruments. These experiments were specifically designed for use in the second grade.

Perfect Pitch experiment
Groovy Guitar experiment
Vibrating Violin experiment
Great Gong experiment
Radical Reed experiment

Choosing a music teacher

Choosing a music teacher for your child or yourself has a huge impact on whether it will be a great education adventure or whether it will be a terrible experience. If you make the wrong choice it could severely damage your fledgling pianists self confidence and enthusiasm. This article points you in the right direction when you need to make the choice of the right teacher for you or your child.

Choosing a music teacher