Perfect Pitch experiment

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In music if we say a note is high or low, we are not talking about how loud it is. We are talking about its pitch.


  • 2 plastic soda bottles
  • rubbing alcohol
  • ater


1. Wipe the top of the bottles with alcohol. This will kill any germs on the bottle before you put it near your mouth. Do not switch bottles with anyone else or you will also be sharing germs.

2. Fill one of the bottles half way with water.

3. You and your partner each take one of the bottles. Gently blow across the top of the bottle until you can make a sound. Hint: your lower lip and your chin must both touch the bottle.

4. When both you and your partner can make sounds, take turns listening to each. The difference in the sounds is a difference in pitch.

Does the bottle with a higher pitch have more or less air in it than the bottle with the lower pitch?




What do you think would happen to the pitch if you had less air

(more water) in the bottle with water? Will the pitch be:

___ Higher

___ Lower

Fill the empty bottle 3/4 of the way full with water so that it now has less air that the other bottle. Try blowing into it. With less air (more water), the pitch is


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